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From an embarrasingly late fan: Photos from “Bob Dylan Lovefest”

The Purplechickens with Ely Buendia

Confession: I am not a huge Bob Dylan fan. I respect his legacy and  know a few songs, but I’m not the one who would sing along. Nobody or no particular event really introduced his music. My father introduced me to The Beatles and their contemporaries when I was a kid.I am fortunate to be part of a circle of friends with a ridiculously eclectic taste of music. But Bob Dylan was always there lingering like a fatherly shadow over every indie artist with a jangly guitar and I just accepted this omnipresence like a devout Catholic that haven’t read the Bible.

Now I’m a believer. I blame Ely Buendia.

Sitting in during the rehearsals of The Purplechickens and the legendary frontman for their Desolation Row: The Music of Robert Zimmerman (Bob Dylan Lovefest) performance on 9 February 2011 in Cafe Saguijo made me realize that I have been missing out on musical canon. And made me more excited for the actual live performance.

Everyone in the lineup paid their tributes to the music of Mr. Zimmerman in their own distinct fashions.

Sleepyheads @ Bob Dylan Night

Sleepyheads - Bob Dylan Lovefest at Saguijo, 9-2- 2011 ©PTMTolibas2011

Johnoy Danao @ Bob Dylan Lovefest in Saguijo - 9/2/2011 ©PTMTolibas2011

Michael Benedicto of Outerhope @ Bob Dylan Lovefest in Saguijo - 9/2/2011 ©PTMTolibas2011

Jesse Grinter of Gaijin @ Bob Dylan Lovefest in Saguijo - 9/2/2011 ©PTMTolibas2011

Photosets for The Purplechickens with Ely Buendia can be seen HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Here are the videos from Mr. Adrian Arcega’s Youtube channel:

Radha was sorely missed in the gig. If she hadn’t called in sick, the night would have been more awesome than it already was.

[Thanks to The Purplechickens, Mr. Cris Ramos, and Mr. Adrian Arcega.]

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