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Deftones Live in Manila: The Aftermath

Deftones' Chino Moreno in Manila

(Photo by Lianne Tauli)

Splintr.com bringing over Deftones to perform in the Philippines last Saturday is one of the best things that ever happened to me as a music fan. As soon as I knew who would be producing the gig I immediately knew that it would sound and look great just like what they did in the Nine Inch Nails concert last August 2009. And that was my previous all-time best.

I was so enthusiastic about the concert that I took up The Purplechickens frontman and writer extraordinaire Aldus Santos’s challenge/request to write a review for Pulse.ph where he is editor-in-chief.  My deadline was supposed to be on Wednesday but we both thought that it would be a great if it would be posted in the website in time for Valentines Day because of the theme I worked on: sex.

You can see the entire article here. And now, a preview:

From the time Moreno spat on stage on the first song, him being apparently comfortable on the get go, an epiphany: the band is going to have sex with the crowd. If the whole event was a movie it would be a light drama with lots of raunchy sex. Multiple rounds of it.

The set started with a simple narrative. They started with two songs from the first album (“Birthmark” and “Engine No.9”) and the blasted off withAround the Fur favorites: “Be Quiet and Drive,” “My Own Summer,” and the title track. By the time “Digital Bath” eased in (I loved that particular Abe Cunningham drum intro-riff), the band already got the crowd in the mood. Yes, that kind of mood. I actually saw a couple making out on cue right after Moreno sang “Now kiss me” during “Knife Party.” A girl beside me screamed periodic OMGs when she wasn’t singing along, while her girl friend just giggled and made me imagine her in a school dress. Grown men were grunting, squealing like pigs, sometimes even swooning. Sweaty bodies were slamming against one another. Pota, I even think I was dry humped by a boyfriend-wielding girl behind me because she is either a) bunny-hopping inch by inch to get closer to the stage or b) settling for the nearest male in front of her as Moreno’s simulacra—in front of his boyfriend because he likes to watch. Just look at the crowd and the moshpit, then back at the stage, and you’ll find love in both.

I mentioned at the end of the article about Chino Moreno in an afterparty. Here he is with bassist Sergio Vega partying to Katy Perry’s “Fireworks”:

Here’s the set list:

  1. Birthmark
  2. Engine no. 9
  3. Be Quiet and Drive
  4. My Own Summer
  5. Lhabia
  6. Around the Fur
  7. Digital Bath
  8. Knife Party
  9. Back to School (mini maggit)
  10. Hexagram
  11. Minerva
  12. Bloody Cape
  13. Diamond Eyes
  15. Royal
  16. Sextape
  17. Rocket Skates
  18. You’ve Seen the Butcher
  19. Beauty School
  20. Hole in the Earth
  21. Kimdracula
  22. Change (In The House of Flies)
  23. Passenger
  24. Root [encore]
  25. 7 words [encore]

Thanks to Lianne Tauli for the photo and Aries Noble for the memory work!

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