Bullet Sun I Will Giant You

Nobody writes anymore

A slightly quick post: I bought a fountain pen out of whim hoping to get sucked into whatever appeal it might exude. I was quite surprised how much the midrange for fountain pens are, and promptly bought the cheapest one since I was just trying this thing out. I remember my grandfather using one to sign his checks and write important-looking notes. Maybe that’s it:  fountain pens should write something important. Unless the fountain pen is made of plastic.

Therefore I would use it to practice writing important things.

I make handwritten notes before I write papers for school. Call me old-fashioned but I find it silly to take down notes using an electronic device. I used to have journals and I find handwritten notes and manuscripts–in the truest sense of the word–instant historical artifacts.  Raid my personal belongings and you’ll find lots of them tucked away. And I know I’m not the only one with that kind of stash.

I would  have to ask around if the Philippine primary education system still has calligraphy in the curriculum. Or if they teach the kids cursive.  Neatly written school notes were once treasured, and I sure hope they still are.

But more importantly, I consider handwriting a reflection of one’s personality. Graphologists agree. For the introspective, handwriting, especially in cursive, gives you a glimpse of yourself  through each slant, curve and flourish. So please write. I will.

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