Bullet Sun I Will Giant You

What I did last Monday


I took a day off from work. Real main reason was to renew my driver’s license. I had other reasons. One of them is take my late grandfather’s car for a spin and have some maintenance done on it. Spent the day in Laguna, both in Calauan and Los Baños, as long as the sun was out. It was a serene sunny day, sprinkled with a few family and friends.

Once the sun was gone I was already on the bus back to Quezon City. I usually one of three things on the bus during my trips: listen to my iPod, sleep or reflect. I love the Tagalog word for ‘reflect’ just for the sound of it: muni-muni. It sounds as celebratory as that song by Tommy James and the Shondells (and Billy Idol years later).

I woke up by the time the bus was in Edsa, at the tail-end of a surprise shower. I had my camera with me and took photos of what I see through the window during my rainy muni-muni nights in buses. The photo above is one of those pictures, and the exercise took me back years ago in almost the same position but with my first camera, a Canon A460.

Here’s one of those photos from the Canon A460. Yes, this was slightly ‘shopped.

It’s really not for showing off. It’s more for myself. I just happen to fancy catching fleeting lights as I move along, and it just so happens that those lights give something extra through raindrops on a bus window. And these are the moments that I took my foot off the gas pedal and kept myself from thinking too much and take some silly pictures of light. Take those silly pictures with that lingering thought I had a few moments prior. Exhale upon pulling the trigger. Drummer boy, mind the timing. As much as possible I take a left-side window seat (take note, would-be assassins).

The top photo is the first time I took that picture on a Monday. There were other opportunities to take photos that day, or the day before that, but I didn’t.

A friend told me once that the best photos are the ones you didn’t take but still remember.

P.S.: Thanks to those who remembered. Thank you Niña for the bloggy gift!

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2 thoughts on “What I did last Monday

  1. honggondo.

  2. A most modest thank you, flying arty girl. 🙂

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