Bullet Sun I Will Giant You


San Felipe, Zambales

I already miss the beach.

I was in San Felipe, Zambales with a few friends for a weekend two weeks ago. That weekend fulfilled my quota for at least one beach trip per year, (the same goes with a trip abroad, if budget allows of course). Every able-bodied person who is one road trip away from a coastline or even a decent body of water with sufficient sunshine should have the same target.

The coming of summer is like the second part of my birthday celebration, and I’m not a big fan of my birthday celebrations. Summer feels more like a landmark for me. I feel that I am somehow solar-powered, and a day in the beach is enough for me to last months. The rain is fine too, but I find it polarizing–days like those should be spent either completely dry indoors or completely wet outdoors.

But I digress. One of my frustrations in life is not learning to ride a skateboard, and that frustration carried over to surfing and its ilk. I now make a promise to myself to really really learn to surf when the next opportunity washes ashore, and not settle for bodyboarding–which actually made me realize what rash guards are for by the way.

San Felipe, Zambales

Philippine weather now is in its schizoid phase when it can’t decide whether to rain or shine. And it has its bipolar moments between storm and swelter (I just love this word!). Of course most people don’t want to go to the beach on days of indecision for they just want the good old sun and surf, but I have spent some of the most indecisive days on the beach, spending one day under smiling sun and the next one in unforgiving wind and rain. Even without a board to ride on, brave the waters during these times with just you against the waves, and feel how little you are in this vastness reminding you of all the clichés you learned before you set your foot on the sand. I know some people who share the same experience with me of making life decisions and clearing troubled minds and solving nagging questions while in the shower. How does a day in the beach compare to your daily shower? You do shower everyday, don’t you?

I will be back in the beach soon, calm or calamity.



I took too few beach shots, but it’s ok. Taking a dip in the beach takes priority over taking photos.  Got the whole afternoon in the beach but only settled to take photos around sundown. By the way, the skimboard dude is my good friend Don, and the skimboard student is my other good friend Jen.

Like a friend once told me, the best photos are those you didn’t take but remember.

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