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Fete De La Musique 2011


PedicabGood Morning High FivesGood Morning High FivesSalaminSalaminSalamin
SalaminSalaminSalaminSalaminArigato HatoArigato Hato
Arigato HatoArigato HatoArigato HatoArigato HatoArigato HatoFete de la Musique  2011 (Indie Stage) crowd
Fete de la Musique  2011 (Indie Stage) crowdPedicabPedicabPedicabFete de la Musique  2011 (Indie Stage)crowdPedicab

Fete De La Musique 2011, a set on Flickr.

Caught performances by Good Morning High Fives, and Salamin (in the Rock Stage), Arigato Hato, and Pedicab (in the Indie Stage) last 25 June 2011 at The Fort.

Ginseng played a killer set in the Rock Stage, a good punctuation for the slew of gigs we did for the past few weeks. Most surreal aspect was the presence of Geneva Cruz in the crowd, who in essence could be the most famous person who have heard Ginseng play live. Which reminds me how long I’ve been putting off boosting Ginseng’s web presence with all the running around I’ve been doing for more than a year now.  All in (over)due time, everything in its right place.

The Fete crowd this year is still huge considering how vicious typhoon rains poured down the metro for the days before the big show. In fact it got one of the Ginseng gigs cancelled. So I had qualms bringing my camera and my snare drum that day. Good thing the weather turned dandy.

Proof of how big the crowds is in the pictures. Moving from the Rock Stage (helmed by Cris Ramos of Revolver Productions), I went to the Meiday-led Indie stage. I got behind the performers during the Arigato Hato and Pedicab sets and had a great view of the crowd AND the performers.  All in all it was a night of great music, great crowd, great photo ops, great friends, good times. Enjoy what I caught! 🙂

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