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Shots from Mayday! Mayday! – 7 October 2011


Halik Ni GringoPedicabPedicabPedicabUp Dharma DownUp Dharma Down
Up Dharma DownUp Dharma DownUp Dharma DownUp Dharma DownUp Dharma DownSandwich

Mayday! Mayday! – 7 October 2011, a set on Flickr.

I know, I know. Another late post. I have tons of excuses but I’m not going to harp on like television shows do when they do flashbacks. But on with the post!

This, as far as I remember, is the only Meiday in its history that people have to pay to get in. I was in the first and I can’t really remember if there was a door charge because I was playing that night. But it was for a good cause, and that cause is for a friend. This event was for Mei, and it was a toast to her health and well being.

It was a toast that sent beer bottles and cocktail glasses clinking. Of course the other crucial reason for going to the gig was the lineup:

This would be my first time shooting Pupil, Up Dharma Down, and Sandwich, so that got me on fanboy mode. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to cover every band that night for a few reasons. First, it place was packed. As in airconditioning-rendered-useless packed. As in your boobies-are-touching-me packed. Good thing I was able to squeeze through the band entrance, courtesy of Mei dubbing me (a la knighthood) a “photographer” for the event and through the kindness of no other than Atty. Vin Dancel–and it was a bit embarrassing that one of the bands I wasn’t able to cover was his awesome Twisted Halo.

The place was gorgeously crowded and trying to get out of that sea of people endangers one’s chances of ever getting back. So that meant I had to stand for most of the time. I guesstimated a total of four hours of me on my feet that night, with no dinner or alcohol. After realizing it, I took my time out for some grub and grog, just to miss other performances.

And I have friends. I want to hang out with them outside since they can’t get in. I have no regret merely listening to The Itchyworms play my favorite songs from outside the venue essentially because I was with friends when they were playing. You know, the type of enjoyment that you let your friends see that is much like what you do in your bedroom alone? That’s the one.

I thought about it as I was looking through the photos I took that night, of how I find fun in taking pictures of musical performances. I ought to write about it soon. And I will. I just have to. Soon.

Did I mention it was the first time for me to shoot Pupil in action? That was the highlight of highlights that night. It was basically because of the coolness Ely Buendia exudes. I took pictures during the first song, and then just swayed and listened for the most of the time for the rest of their set. Wendell Garcia is a monster unleashed at the exclamation point of the set, and he just reinforced his status in my personal list of drumming heroes in the local scene.

Enough of these words for the meantime. Enjoy the photoset. Thanks to Mei Bastes of course, and also Vin Dancel! 🙂

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