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Year-end Excuses (or What Became of the Rest of Last Year)

It was one big blur, the last few months of the year. That sentiment actually came from one particular person of significance during that period, someone who I connected with but never had a photographic evidence to prove it–in a time of the ubiquity of digital cameras. I can even go as far to assume that we both can claim to most people that we didn’t even hang out in the first place. Yet, those were few of the most cherished hours I spent with someone. But with the hindsight of the practice of writing, everything, including the optimism the last sentence exuded, now seems to be a blur.


I, along with two other colleagues, were asked by a friend to do the photography for their wedding in Cagayan de Oro. We took up the challenge, as it was a welcome vacation. My assignment were the slightly wide angles, taking photos of guests and some of the actual “action” of course. Indeed, there was “action”, as it was the first time I witnessed a Muslim wedding, and it was a very educational and enlightening display of faith and culture. Intensity is the word that stood as my mental delineation that set apart this wedding from the earlier and traditionally Christian ones I went to.  One main reason is that the imam was a bad-ass.  Just look at him. He’s a boss:


Being the first time to do it, covering a wedding was challenging as mentioned. But I think I did good.

Princess Bride

The Bride.


The Groom

And with the momentum we had at the wedding, my colleagues and I found some local talent and had an almost impromptu model shoot. With no professional make-up artist, fancy shmancy studio lighting, and wardrobe consultations, here’s Jacky, probably trying to be an image model for air conditioners:

Next event was the SLIM 2 event in Route 196 last  November 26. I was able to catch performances by Ulirat, La Passionaria, and a few others. I was mostly busy bantering good old friends, so forgive me. I tried different attacks in the post-production using LR3, but I already feel I’m gravitating to certain looks and feels. Damn you presets. Here goes the photoset:

UliratUliratUliratUliratInterpolationLa Passionaria
La PassionariaLa PassionariaBears in Peril

SLIM 2, a set on Flickr.


I confess: the holidays got me lazy. I actually missed a Meiday event for various reasons: the horrendous traffic, that evil evil storm, and the kingdom yonder that is Makati in the weekend when everybody is having their own Christmas parties.

Ginseng got to play a relatively laid-back gig in Yadu, and I got to snap some shots of one of the band’s heroes: Bobby Balingit. And yes, it’s a Yamaha:

Bobby Balingit

Bobby Balingit

The rest of December? It was all about family.

By the way, Vincent Marius took the photo which is the basis of the image on top of the post, right after the wedding in CDO. Thanks to him and Archie Gonzales for being my lens buddies since the start. Here’s to a bigger year!

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