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San Felipe, Zambales – Summer 2012


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Zambales – Summer 2012, a set on Flickr.

Via Flickr:

Returns to San Felipe, Zambales have always been what I wanted about beach trips so far: an air easiness, warmth of new acquaintances, waves of new experiences. I am actually tempted to say that the place has already grown on me like barnacles on a pier post, and this has only been my third time. I blame the amiable atmosphere of The Circle Hostel and its quaint accommodating arms. I so enjoyed last January’s festivities that I brought along my two sisters and a cousin to have a whiff of Liwliwa and the hospitality of the hostel.

Before I forget, I have to break some sad news. Fiddy—that’s what I secretly call my Canon EOS 550D—was stolen from me two months ago. The last output from my guy was the Malasimbo music festival, and Fiddy was already gone before I even get to post pictures from the freakin’ final Meiday gig. Heck, I even missed all the opportunities to document my favorite New Yorker Niña during her stay here. Also, I was determined to shoot when the opportunity and the date to shoot Toe came, and I was fortunate enough to borrow a reliable Canon EOS 400D from equally awesome friends the Cleto twins, Karlo and Maria.

So for the last two months I was without my third eye, itching and scratching at the space it left, and it that time frame I frugally summoned enough funds to get me a replacement: a second hand Canon EOS 7D. The Zambales weekend therefore served a lot for me: a day with family, a beach day, a day to meet old and new friends, and a day to test out my new camera.

After snapping a Tamron AF 28-75mm F/2.8 on it, I spent most of my time with the new camera twiddling and experimenting. I think half of what I took were test shots that I immediately erased. Like the first time I was in a Circle event, most of my subjects were flow artists and people riding boards on the water. The only difference is that I have skimmers rather than surfers. Nonetheless, I had a blast taking pictures of the skimboarders.

And speaking of blast: At first I was like “Ok, I technically have upgraded to a camera with a hardier body and a scroll wheel. It’s basically the same with my old one, right?” Wrong. I fully appreciated how the scroll wheel made it easier for me to twiddle for control in the manual mode. The top LCD panel efficiently gave me enough info to forego looking at the LCD screen, saving up on battery life. The ability to choose more ISO values than the usual prosumer camera was a pleasant surprise also. But what got me enamoured to this camera was the continuous shooting mode—the 8 frames per second rate literally stopped my heart from beating only to have it palpitate after I release the shutter button. That and the 19-point AF system made my whole weekend taking pictures.

So here are the fruits of Septimus. Yeah, it has a name now.

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2 thoughts on “San Felipe, Zambales – Summer 2012

  1. jumpingpolarbear on said:

    Makes me want to surf :).

  2. I love surfing now!. 🙂 Find skimboarding articles on this site (crownprinz.wordpress.com). You will find them useful.

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