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The June Posts (Part 2: Shooting General Luna)

General Luna

I first met Glenn Tan of PhilippineConcerts.com at the Morrissey concert. Glad to have met a like-minded photographer and blogger, I asked him if I can cover some events for him. His call came one day asking me if I can take photos of General Luna on their fans day in B-Side for his website. Take photos of a musical performance? Yes. For a website promoting concerts? Sure. General Luna? Aww yeah.

What was prospectively intriguing about the shoot was that it was no ordinary gig where bands just play. It was a fans day. It has a program where the band members interact with the fans, and doubled as a soft launch of the band’s second album. But I wasn’t completely prepared for one item in the program. Glenn surprised me with one more task: I was to interview the band before the fan activities start. And he told me this three minutes before it happened.


Glenn has yet to post the video of the interview, and I’d rather have the recording tell how it all went down.

So while waiting for that, I continue:

Gear-wise, I resorted to the Nifty Fifty much like I did last time. Protip for shooting in B-Side (at nighttime of course): the place has yet to upgrade its lighting fixtures, so better have your prime lenses and/or your flashguns ready. I always chose to shoot band performances without the flash because I find it a bit of a distraction in my experience as a performer, but as far as the other parts of that night’s program go, a flashgun would have come in handy. Since I have yet to procure almost everything that I’ve lost, I made most of the Nifty Fifty.

I suppose the best advantage of the members of General Luna as performers is that every member has modeling experience, which helps in how they project themselves on stage. That translates to great videos and photos. Add that to their individual musical proficiencies and material showcasing their collective talent, and we’ve got a goldmine. I had the pleasure of taking a few photos of them last year, so that bit of experience helped me in anticipating their movements on stage. Anyway, it is always a pleasure taking pictures of them.

General Luna

General Luna

General Luna

General Luna

General Luna

General Luna

 Here’s the rest of the set. Thanks to Glenn and PhilippineConcerts.com!

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