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So far the nearest I can get to shooting the Eraserheads in a span of weeks (Part I)


Yep, you read it right. The shoots I had in two separate weekends pretty approximates me shooting an Eraserheads gig. Oh such wishful thinking!

The first one was the launch of “The Reunion: An Eraserheads Tribute Album” last 27 July 2012 at Trinoma Mall’s Activity Center in Quezon City, courtesy of PhilippineConcerts.com. The album serves as the soundtrack for the similarly named movie from Star Cinema, a teen-road trip-nostalgia trip-kind of flick starring some young stars from the Kapamilya network who earn their living being screamed at by fawning teenyboppers and/or drooled at by arguably more mature Filipino entertainment consumers.

I worked my way to the mall that night from work, braving rains which in the following week will swell into a disastrous deluge that sent some people Bible-thumping (more about it–the “bahagat”, not really the Bible-thumping–in a near-future post). I arrived just as Itchyworms were playing and completely missed 6CycleMind’s performance. There wasn’t much time to prepare my gear and enjoy the Itchyworms gig because I realized the sets were only three songs long. Seeing that the stage is a two-rig set-up, I have to be on my toes if the pace was three songs with minimal spiels in between, presumably so since ten bands were slated to perform before the mall closes. I was able to start shooting when the third band went onstage. And was I lucky.


It was my first time shooting Hilera and they were fun to watch and listen to. Being the first band for the night–and tardy, moreso–I was anxious and potentially triggerhappy. Hilera’s performance, fortunately, was running the same pace my mind was racing at that moment, so I had a great time taking photos of their stellar performance (triggersatisfied) while taking in the vibe of the whole event at the same time.

The crowd is probably one the most heterogenous that I happen to shoot with (or should it be ‘among’?), in a sense that some were there for the music, some were for the movie, and some just happen to be in the mall in that rainy Friday night. The crowds who watch the shows of bands I usually shoot are of the first kind, and I realized this is the first mall show I ever shot.  I know how performers get their energy from crowd reactions and intensity, so I am wary of the crowd vibe because they directly affect my photos. I liked the crowd though–there was a sense of enthusiasm and near-rabid fandom in the air. I only wish those fandoms were for Hilera and Vin Dancel. Because I have favorites for the night of course. ‘Nuff said and ’nuff said.

The rest of the set can be found here. 


Vin Dancel

Jay Durias with Kean Cipriano

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