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Instagram and iPhone photography (and I feel “iPhoneography” is a very awkward term)

It is only recently that I took Instagram (@peteytommy) a little bit more seriously than my first posts: food I made myself. I think I took those with an iPhone 4. It still took me sometime to realize what a great tool I have in my pocket when I upgraded to an iPhone 4s, and only did after I stumble upon a few Reddit and Facebook posts and some tweets did I consider making most of that 8MP (3264×2448 pixel) camera. Aside from that, street photography has always seduced me in ways the casual food photography pandemic has failed to infect me–and for that, my phone’s camera is my way of giving in.

Okay, that preceding sentence was a bit off, but I’m retaining it. TL;DR: Yes to street photography, No to casual food photography. In addition, I have started using the iPhone 4s for quick wide shots when I cover concerts.

Giving in to this seduction requires me to beef up my gear with apps. I’ve tried some, and I now have these for my arsenal:

  • Camera+: I find the separation between the autofocus and exposure points very useful (the default “Camera” app combines both). “Clarity” setting does wonders, and reminds me of the same setting found in Adobe Light Room 3.
  • PS Express: This is my go-to app for most of the editing. It crops, sets exposures, lets you adjust the colors. I’m considering buying the noise reduction pro feature, but it’s not really a priority.
  • SlowShutter+: Long-exposure photography using the iPhone is a recent inclination, and this app introduced me to more possibilities the iPhone 4s camera can offer.

And that’s about it. I consider myself a cheapskate, so I don’t use Snapseed and other “pro” apps, but I hear they’re great and recommend it for those who can afford and need it. It’s just that I can get by without shelling out a lot of cash by using the aforementioned apps and the basic Camera app combined. It should be noted that the basic Camera app became awesome in iOS 5, making it available without actually unlocking your phone–a crucial feature whenever you feel just whipping out your camera phone for to capture a moment anywhere anytime. Sometimes I try some fancy stuff with Diptic, MangaCamera, and Fotofitti, although I seldom post the results Instagram and usually end up as novelty pictures for some friends.

Since I use PS Express, most of the time I don’t find myself using Instagram filters, or any filter app as a matter of fact. What I may be missing though is the use of vignettes, but that’s not really a great loss for me.

I also follow a few Instagram accounts that have great posts and give me more inspiration like beaucolburn, johnnylace, hallwood,and borojaguchi to name a few. With only 39 posts, I think I’ll be enjoying posting in Instagram for the time being, especially having linked it to my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr accounts.

Here’s some of what I’ve posted so far:

Araneta underpassAsleep on the tripCross (2)Cross (1)Waiting for new movies.I got distracted when I was attending a wedding
Bay, Laguna sunsetTwo kids in Bay, LagunaHung up.Bus to Laguna (2)Bus to Laguna (1)Angkas
Took the train

From Instagram, a set on Flickr.

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3 thoughts on “Instagram and iPhone photography (and I feel “iPhoneography” is a very awkward term)

  1. I’m attracted towards street photography also. More reasons why we’re friends? Haha. Great shots!

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