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Shots from ‘MxPx and Unearth Live In Manila!’


Thanks to PinoyTuner.com’s Aldus Santos I was able to take some photos of MxPx and Unearthduring their gig here in Manila last 18 October 2012 at the  PICC Forum in Pasay City. This was also the first time for me to shoot Typecast and Turbogoth. Here is the post from the PinoyTuner site, and here is my Flickr set. 

A few notes:

This wasn’t my first time watching Turbogoth and Typecast live. That means at least I know what to expect of their onstage manoeuvres, right? Wrong.

Last time I remember seeing Turbogoth play was in a small venue like Route 196, and this was the first time seeing them on a larger stage. I wasn’t prepared for how much the duo would eat up the stage. They gobbled it up, which was practically delightful. Taking a photo of a duo’s performance is relatively easy compared to that of a 4- or 5-piece band, but still one can easily miss a golden opportunity for a money shot if you tend to concentrate on one member, especially for a band such as this. Both members tend to attract visual attention through two different aspects: Sarah Gaugler’s commanding and modelesque presence, and Paolo Peralta’s frenetic spasms. You usually tend to favor one at a time, lucky if you get them both at the same time.



I personally felt that Typecast’s performance was hampered by some technical difficulties. I’ve seen them a number of times in different venues–from backlots to bigger stages than this one–so I’m sure they could always pull off spectacular sets. Judging from the entire set, I think this was an off night. I can’t really put a finger on it. On a lighter note, I was able to dedicate some frames on drummer Melvin Macatiag, who in my opinion is one of the best in the current local scene, one who can be looked up to by other drummers playing the same genre.Typecast


My mental photo settings were in “power trio” setting as I took on MxPx. I’ve come across punk bands whose members are past their twenties–some of them are even past their middle age in fact–and they still exude that exuberant power that can only come from punk bands. MxPx is no different, and they are still sonically pulling punches like it was only yesterday that I heard their songs on the radio back in high school.MxPx

While it is not my first time to watch and take pictures of a metal band such as Unearth, I had to keep in mind that I might capture a lot of hair while covering the band like this one. Still, it proved to be a challenge with all the energy the band exuded as my own is draining from a busy time on my day job. Hey, all that standing and running around takes its toll, especially in a venue that only offered beer for sustenance.



The most pleasant thing about this gig was that it still gave me a lot of surprises and kept me on my toes. I don’t want to be a lazy photographer content on catching the same pose with different people. Despite the number of shows I’ve covered, I’m still on the lookout for something new to bring home and show you guys. The fight against complacency rages on!

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