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Quarter past the year and this is what I have to say (Part 1 of 5)

I’ve been busy. I try to do a lot of things with so little time that blogging–while it remains to be a chronicle of the picture-taking I do as a hobby/amateur–is a bit low in the top 20 of my to-do list. After this post I will try to blog as often as possible (again, the promises!), and quite possibly diversify the topics I write about.

As part of my workload requires me to read news online, I stumble upon a lot of other news outside local politics. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Flipboard feed me a lot of materials on a daily basis covering topics from world news to music, photography, science, prowrestling, movies, various fandoms, pop culture, youth culture, and whatnots and whatisnts. I repost and share some of them on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and I think I should also quickpost them. My priority in this blog is original content, so I think the quickposts would be relegated to reposts from other sources. Since the summer lull is upon me, might as well.

So here’s what I’ve been up to:


Weezer in Jakarta

I started off 2013 by traveling to a foreign land to watch a “bucket list” concert. The first time I did it was when Jimmy Eat World performed in Singapore, and thought it wasn’t a bad idea when bands I’ve been dying to watch ignores audience-rich Manila. So I did it again last January by catching Weezer in Jakarta, the only Southeast Asian stop for the band that co-wrote my life’s soundtrack from high school to college. It was one of those concerts that I’d rather watch with the crowd than take photos of, despite the desire to snap some photos of my youth’s heroes. It’s hard to sing along and bask at a band’s brilliance and nostalgia behind the viewfinder. I tried on a few occasions, and the compromise is difficult. On the other hand, I wish I would be asked to go abroad to cover a great concert by a great performer. Yeah, that would be the day.

An Online Course on Infographics

A few days after that 4-day vacation, I took a massive open online course “Introduction on Infographics and Data Visualizaton” from the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, University of Texas at Austin. The course was headed by Alberto Cairo (check him out at www.thefunctionalart.com) . I made an infographic on party-list representation as a final project for the course, based on the findings of an undergrad thesis from UP (http://iskwiki.upd.edu.ph/flipbooks/fromaltern1441/). I just want to share my output and what I’ve learned from the course, and it may be even be helpful in the elections this May.

So here it is (click for entire image and zoom in for details):


The graphic is not really web-ready or browser-friendly for it is meant to fit an entire letter-sized page, but I hope I get the message across. I posted this on Facebook a few weeks ago and so far has been my most-shared photo.

I always liked looking at infographics and I decided to try my hand on making some. The course had me learning Adobe Illustrator, so that’s a great plus.

I’ll post part 2 and 3 really soon, but you can check out my Flickr and Tumblr accounts for the obvious topics of my posts.


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