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Quarter past the year and this is what I have to say (Part 2 of 5)

Part 1 can be found here.


Ah, the love month. I’m not sure if February being the ‘love month’ has something to do with it having fewer days than the other months, but I’m guessing there’s an underlying reason other than what history suggests. I’m also not sure why my alma mater the University of the Philippines in Diliman schedules its annual fair during this month, but I guess love was taken into serious consideration. And consider this: some 11,000 people went out on Valentine’s Day offering to watch a rock show: UP Fair: Roots. I was gladly late due to the demands of the day (ehrm!), and caught Itchyworms in the middle of their set. I fumbled and fiddled with the manual setting just as they were winding down to their final songs. I stayed way past my bedtime (it was a Thursday!) but it was worth it, especially when Urbandub is headlining. It was also my first time to shoot Kamikazee! Click here for the complete set, and here are some to represent every band I shot that night:



Urbandub Urbandub Giniling Festival Giniling Festival  Up Dharma Down Up Dharma Down Ang Bandang Shirley Ang Bandang Shirley Kamikazee Kamikazee 

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2 thoughts on “Quarter past the year and this is what I have to say (Part 2 of 5)

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