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Wanderland 2013 in words and pictures

I did some shooting duties for Philippine Concerts alongside their very own Carla Barretto for the day-long party that was Wanderland (Check out Carla’s site TheGirlAtTheRockShow.com). Afterwards, I was asked to write an article for Pinoy Tuner / Dig Radio on that event. Good thing I have enough writing practice in this blog. You can read the entire article here. Below is an excerpt:

Considering I’ve just been to Summer Slam a few weeks prior, comparisons to the maiden voyage of the luxury liner that is Wanderland is inescapable. I want to get these comparisons out of the way as painlessly fast as possible. First of all, the grass is literally greener on Wanderland’s side. Circuit Makati offers a great lawn in front of its amphitheater on which festival-goers could saunter, stroll, or roll. The open field provides—again, literally—a breath of fresh air once you get out of the pit. I reckon the venue will become more popular for organizers and fans alike. (In fact, it’s slated to house Circuit Fest, happening the succeeding weekend.) The organizers have lined booths on the sides of the venue for refreshments and promos as common practice, but what struck me were the brands involved: there’s Jamba Juice, Sbarro’s, a mochi booth, and official festival merchandise from the Gap.

And that says something about the Wanderland crowd, the presumed clientele of these brands. I have shuffled between through the spectrum of Pinoy rock and its fans, so the crowd isn’t entirely alien to me. It’s just that there’s a lot of them in the same place. I’m used to seeing Summer Slam-type crowds in droves, but now I’ve come to terms with the reality that there is a verifiable Wanderland-hungry crowd. I haven’t been to similarly leaning festivals abroad such as Laneway and the like, and the Wanderland crowd is what I imagine the Laneway crowd would be. I’ll be happily corrected if I’m wrong.

I won’t go into detailed descriptions of the individuals comprising the Wanderland crowd. That would be tediously judgmental of me (ha). Instead, I’ll tell you about how my friend replied to my Twitter post about me getting ready for said music festival to start.

Twitter screencap

I’m not sure the same question will pop up in the context of Summer Slam unless it concerns the outfit of a flamboyant performing artist. I’ll talk about the festival-goers some other time.

And then I went on rambling about the bands that played. Go read the rest here, like I said earlier. The Flickr set can be found here

Yes, I’ll posting something about the Wanderland crowd soon, as I promised in that article. See that astronaut above this blog post? He’s (?) one of the colorful people found in Wanderland. He’ll stare at you unless you check out the Dig Radio and Flickr links.

That’s that for now!

EDIT: I finally got that darned Flickr slideshow code to work!

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