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As promised: The Wanderlanders

Like I said in the previous post, I’m going to post something about the Wanderland 2013 attendees. 

I tweeted a picture before the show started and around the time I warmed up to the place, and impression on the crowd was immediate: this is going to be a chill festival crowd. Almost as immediately, I felt a sense that other Wanderland-related blogposts are going to feature what the festival goers wore. It took me a less than an hour and a few feathered headdresses to figure that one out.

I was there mainly to take pictures of the bands, and I wasn’t really specifically told to take photos of people attending the event, but I told myself “Why the heck not? Might as well.” Honestly, there were pretty interesting people to photograph in the event–emphasis on ‘pretty’. Come on: a guy with a DSLR and a telephoto lens surrounded by pretty girls would of course take some pictures of his situational proof, right? Some of them even asked to be photographed, having seen my gear and my ID pass. Anyway, Wanderland was an event to see and to be seen.

So here are the Wanderlanders I took aim at:

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