Bullet Sun I Will Giant You

Summer’s over. Long live summer! Long live playlisting!

No joke: a couple of thunderclaps were heard as soon as I typed the tentative title of this post. I take it as applause. Sadly, it is one of the reasons for proclaiming the end of summer. See, here in the Philippines there is a consensus that summer is over if it rains for two or three succeeding days, or even one huge torrent for a day.  So the end came around the end of May, and it has been raining once in a while.

This post is a farewell to and celebration for the month of May, and maybe even summer altogether. I embargoed posting the photos I took during the my Baler hideaway. I stayed in that majestic beach for four days just as May began, all by my lonesome, just to recharge my batteries. It was my alone time, away from almost everything (the place had fairly good WiFi and strong cellular signals, and I still had to make office-related calls at some point). I got time to write a bit (got some lyrics going on), read a lot (finished A Feast For Crows, picked up a new book), surf some, sunbathe somehow, took a few pictures (as you’ll see later). I was basically by myself in a wide open space to cavort on with lots of time to spend. It was all I needed, for me to exhale the stress and grime my lungs were aching to absolve itself from, all it took me to inhale my reconnection with things bigger than me.

I’m still a noob at surfing, but I make it a point to try and catch some waves whenever I had the chance. There’s just something about a surfboard beneath you on the open water that makes me feel at peace with everything. At some points I don’t even try to catch a wave–I just stay there, afloat on a summer day.

So here are the pictures I took.

Starting this month, I’ll be posting songs I’ve been listening to for the past month. These songs come from various online groups of people that regularly recommend and share “new” music with each other. By “new” I mean music that’s both not really popular and those the Interwebs just recently churned out. By “sharing”, I just meant sharing links from Youtube and/or Soundcloud. I have playlist from both  sites, so here they are. Have fun looking at the pictures while listening to the playlists!

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