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Week links – June 3-7, 2013

In addition to the monthly music playlists, I’ll try and post a link dump of internety things I came across for the week from now on. The image above, by the way, is from my Instagram account. 

So here we go.

  • The “Red Wedding” in HBO’s Game of Thrones shocked everybody, including book readers. As a book reader myself (I just finished A Feast For Crows last week) I relived the anguish of this now infamous scene as I watched the ninth episode of the third season on the show. I relived it again in my friends’ reactions, both offline and in my Facebook and Twitter feeds. And again in this reaction video compilation in Youtube.

(Image from gerry.alanguilan.com)

  • Nokia rides the Man of Steel hype. Next they will be claiming the Nokia 3310 is Superman’s mobile phone of choice. It’s not a far-fetched idea.
  • I resolve to include only one prowrestling-related entry a week. This week belongs to Daniel Bryan, whose current storyline is the inspiration for the title of my weekly link post. This guy is the most over in the WWE roster right now, especially since CM Punk is in hiatus. Even if CM punk isn’t Bryan is still over, maybe more over than any cheap hometown pop. I’m impressed. Chris Jericho is impressed. Mick Foley is impressed. Everybody is impressed. Here are a couple of gifs to prove his awesomeness for this week.

(Images from imgur.com)

  • I’ll post something about photography too. According to this article, Miroslav Tichý took nearly a hundred photographs a day with his homemade camera. His subjects usually women, this hobo-looking peeping tom eventually got himself banned from hanging out in some public areas like pools and parks for his photowalks. So he made a telephoto lens. The public got to know his work through an exhibition set up by a neighbor of his whom he gave his photos and film whenever the guy comes to his house, which I glean from the article could be in the next episode of Hoarders.

(Photo from messynessychic.com)

I guess that would be all for now. Most of these links are posted or at least mentioned in my Facebook and Twitter accounts. As the weeks go on, I will develop how my list should be structured, but for now I think I got at least one each for local news, TV, movies, photography, and other interests of mine like prowrestling and science. Although I have music as a topic covered by almost every post I made in this blog, music news can pop up in the future. Maybe a tune/video for the week. The point here is that here are the things that got my attention this week so much that I took myself the task of actually writing about it.

So there. ‘Til the next!

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