Bullet Sun I Will Giant You


I love Quezon City, but I’ll always come back to Los Baños, Laguna. I travel once in a while around the country. I’ve only been outside the Philippines thrice, and I intend to do more traveling as often as I can. I love going to the beach.

I love music and I love taking photos. I will always be a student in both. I started playing drums since I was 11, had my first band in freshman highschool band. I play (in no particular order) punk, ska, reggae, metal, pop, dance punk/new rave, porthardcore, and postrock. I currently play drums for Ginseng. I also play guitar and sing once in a while. I also write songs. I love singing second voice. My omnivorous 80gb iPod Classic has around 1gb left, and by omnivorous I mean different genres, countries, and eras.

I own a Canon EOS 7d, a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8, and Tamron AF 28-75mm f/2.8. I love taking pictures of musicians but I try not to let this hobby get in the way of me dancing/flailing/moshing/jumping/headbanging. I also love taking pictures of family and friends, especially in their unguarded moments.

I currently work for a senator of the republic as her media officer. I have been that since 2004. I take pictures of her once in a while, and most of those pictures can be seen in her Facebook page and official website. Some of them even made it as part of her national reelection campaign materials.

I promise you this: posting as often as possible. Mostly photos of musicians. Sometimes politics, sometimes of travel. A little bit about family and friends. Maybe a few random things every now and them. Seldom about me.


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